HV-1000 Micro Hardness tester

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HV-1000 Micro Hardness tester

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Production Introduction
HV-1000 Micro Hardness Tester Adopt the shell integral casting processing, perforation alignment with a knife straight, to ensure the concentricity of each hole position coaxiality, for the high precision and high stability of the machine set a good foundation. The light source of the durometer adopts the special high quality imaging light source system on the metallographic microscope, the brightness of the light field is uniform and clear, thus reducing the measurement error of the print indentation. The operation interface adopts a menu structure. The hardness scale HV or HK can be selected on the operation panel, and the hardness value tested can be entered and displayed manually. Various hardness values can be converted to each other. Manual tower positioning.

Technical  Parameters 

Scale of hardness Vickers, nouvelle
Test force 10-25-50-100-200-300-500-1000gf
Test force selection mode Manual
Carried standard In accordance with en-iso6507, ASTM E384&E92 and JIS standards
Loading and unloading mode Automatic
Dwell Time Adjustable 0 to 60 seconds
Turret Manual
Micrometer eyepiece multiple 10X   
Me measurement resolution
0.25µm  (drum  reading)
Objective magnification 10X 40X
Total magnification
measurement range 150µm