HVS-1000 Manual Turret Digital Display Micro-Vickers Hardness Tester

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HVS-1000 Manual Turret Digital Display Micro-Vickers Hardness Tester

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Production Introduction
HVS-1000 manual turret digital display micro-vickers hardness tester LCD display screen is adopted, and the operation interface adopts menu structure. The hardness scale HV or HK can be selected on the operation panel. The hardness value tested will be automatically calculated and displayed. Various hardness values can be converted to each other.
The hardness error can be corrected by software input to make the hardness more accurate.
Test results can be automatically stored, processed and printed.
The HVS-1000 digital display microhardness tester has manual switch between the head and the objective lens during the test, and the test point positioning is accurate.
Heat treatment, carbonization, hardening layer, surface coating, steel, nonferrous metals, small and thin parts, etc.
Technical Parameter

Model HVS-1000
Test force 10gf (0.098N)、25gf (0.245N)、50gf (0.49N)、100gf (0.98N)、 200gf (1.96N)、300gf (2.94N)、500gf(4.9N)、1kgf (9.8N)
Minimum test unit 0.031µm
Exchange Scales
Measuring range 5~3000HV
Test method of force application Automatic( loading, dwelling,unloading )
Test microscope magnification 100X(objective)400X(measurement)
Test load dwell  time 0~60s
X-Y table size:100*100mm  Mx. movement:25*25mm
data output LCD display,Built-in printer and rs-232 interface
Max Height of Specimen 110mm